Premium Grade Artificial Grass

Suitable for Residential & Commercial Landscape Design in Malaysia Household

Largest Artificial Grass Manufacturer

Y&Y Grass Enterprise has already been in the synthetic & artificial grass industry for more than 6 years.

Y&Y Grass Enterprise is one of the biggest industry experts for premium synthetic & artificial grass’ wholesalers and distributors in South East Asia.

With the longest experience in the landscape industry, we will ensure our clients that they will get the best, to serve the best.

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Economical Artificial Grass

Ready Stock | Limited Quantity
Sizes available from 18mm, 20mm, 25mm , 30mm, 35mm , 40mm, 43mm, 50mm.

From RM1.50 - RM3.50/SF

20 MM CAM 

Ready Stock | While stock last 
Sizes available: 20mm

From RM1.80/SF

More than 20 years experience

First synthetic grass showroom

Partnership with Paling Horticulture

Artificial grass with implied warranty

Easy to install and clean

Artificial & Synthetic Grass Series

Y&Y Grass offers wide design options of artificial & synthetic grass series to match your turf landscape with refreshing natural look. Specialized in variation of grass turf which can meet the standards of FIFA and others.


Green & Healthy Artificial Turf Grass

Synthetic Grass is mostly made out of Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE).

Polypropylene (PP) is resistant to stress and fatigue, which has a strong composition that makes the synthetic grass suitable for all activities.

and Polyethylene (PE).

Polyethylene (PE) has a soft yet strong texture which gives comfort with durability and no traces of chemical residue like lead contents in it. This makes it safe for adults, children and even pets to relax and enjoy the beauty of the artificial grass.

With the combination of both PP and PE, synthetic grass from Y&Y Grass is durable, strong yet soft and elastic, making it suitable for home and commercial use.

 We only insist on premium artificial grass that has UV protection to ensure that the grass will have longevity and freshness even after a long time.



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